Warning stickers

The new Machinery Directive (2006/42 EC) within the European Union requires changes in several areas. At Fors MW the work started on the basis of the new directive last year and has been completed in the spring of 2010. We have among several things updated our manuals, once again tested our cranes in both static and dynamic lifting tests as well as reviewed the warning stickers affixed to our products.


The warning decals that we have previously used was discussed and frequently updated. A series of new decals have also been developed based on the user's perspective, primarily relating to BIGAB. The products are now decorated with a series of stickers, all put there for a reason - for user security. Read them, understand it and remind yourself of them every time you use your product!


The first picture shows a BIGAB with stickers after the sticker updates.


The second picture shows images from the assembly on how each machine will have decals placed. 


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