The show has ended – Interforst

What a couple of days we have had in Munich, Germany at the exhibition Interforst. The weather has been incredibly warm and for a while we thought that business would be affected but we were wrong. We have had loads of interest for our products and the people at stand this week have been really busy for most of the time.

Equally important has been that we have had a really good interest from dealers and agents from other countries. I bring back home with me some interesting memories from good meetings with current dealers and future ones to be. We have as a company learned a lot this week about the difference between countries, people and of course as users of our products.

Last but not least let me thank all the people at stand this week and then especially all the dealers in Germany assisting us. We could not have done this without you!

The picture show the team from Fors MW. Missing (taking the picture) is Stefan Forsman from aftermarket and Svante Högnert. At stand this week we also had the terrific assistace of Ana and Johanna and as earlier mentioned all our dealers.

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