FARMA – Innovative Generation 2 trailer series

FARMA is proud to present our new design protected professional lumber trailer series under the concept FARMA Generation 2. We start up by introducing the two trailer sizes T-10 and T-12. They have an entirely new and innovative design to satisfy its audience. Trailers like no other on the market, primarily due to the trailer's frame, which includes a design protected octagonal, bent centre profile which means that the flat surfaces are smaller and that the frame can consequently resist impacts better than a normal rectangular profile. Quite simply it has been made more impact-resistant , yet still flexible in rough terrain.As a result of the frame shape with its angled surfaces, the trailer also "deflects" e.g. stumps that you happen to drive over. There are many advantages, not all of them visible. The new trailer series is equipped with multiple removable banks for the opportunity to adjust the banks to fit depending on timber lengths. The posts are bolted on to the trailers and as such they cannot join the timber upon release. Important for example, when working with a wood chipper, where even a small part of metal can destroy the wood chipper. The trailers are equipped with double trailer steering cylinders to achieve an even torsion force on the tow bar. Hoses are hidden and secured inside the center profile and not exposed to forestry work. The rear lights are well protected. Model T-12 is equipped with folding railing which increases accessibility behind the trailer and contributes to better visibility. Model T-10 is now also possible to combine with the C 7,0 crane.

We simply call it - The future is here!

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