Time to meet!

Yet again it is time to meet one of the persons behind FARMA, BIGAB and NIAB. This time you will get acquainted with Sergei Solovjov one of the foreman at Fors MW.




My name is Sergei Solovjov and for the past ten years I have worked as one of the foreman's for AS Fors MW at the factory in Saue. The years are just flying by however ten years is a long time and during that time I have seen quite many of my colleagues turn a bit grey, myself included.


In Estonia it is quite common to change jobs every now and then so one might ask - why am I still here? I am still here at Fors MW because every singe day I see and experience something new. I love the fact that our factory is constantly changing and growing and being a part of that process gives me a sense of fulfillment and stability.


The time outside of work I spend most of it with my family and mainly with my son. He is into figure skating and chess so he has to train hard and I am always there by his side. At time, the nights get late but it is all worth the effort seeing him enjoy his life. The picture shows my son in one competition.


Sergei Solovjov

Tule 30
76505 Saue
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