Time to get started

So, it is time to re - launch work after one for many long and much needed Christmas Holiday. It is with great energy and joy that we look forward of 2013. It is a year of exhibition activities and a number of new products will be presented. Several are the ventures and much will happen. You can always keep yourself updated by reading our news and blog.

2013 is also the year when we on the Swedish market says goodbye to two workhorses in Calle and Göran who have been our sales representatives on the market for several years. Until summer they work side by side with the guys who will take over their roles Eric Queckfeldt and Anders Svensson. Everything planned to make the handover as good as possible for all involved parties.

You will get to meet Anders and Eric in detailed presentations next week. The first week of work started with a marketing meeting in Estonia where much time is spent on talking about dealers and future marketing activities.

Pictured from left to right, Carl Erik Åkesson, Göran Carlsson, Anders Svensson and Eric Queckfeldt.

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