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Once year, usually around the same week every year it is time to book the advertising for the coming year. Right now I am in the middle of booking ads for countries all around Europe. We buy all the ads for the year at the same time. First of all because it makes it easier to keep in order but more important because it able us to pressure the price on the ads. The same purchase philosophy as in production rules. We purchase volume and we do not accept price raises.

2011 we will buy advertising in 12 different countries in 10 different languages in a total of 50 magazines. In 2011 we will start advertising in a couple of new countries to try to booze the sales. Which ones? I keep for myself for now. As you understand that is a lot of advertising to buy but not least to keep in order in regards of deadline dates. Hundreds of ads will be made during the year and change in shape as well as content. Partner in this stressful work is our advertising guy Fredrik J Kyander at CS & CO advertising agency in Sweden. In two weeks time we will meet up to be creative and come up with some new and selling ads for 2011.

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