B20 - NEW! 
Introducing the next Generation of BIGAB we do so proud and humble of our fantastic history with more than 8 000 hook lift trailers at market worldwide. With refined functions, ingenious solutions and user-friendly details we present the future of hook lifts.

BIGAB B20 is the hook lift for those with heavy-duty transportation needs. Its many areas of use range from, for example, grit and sand transportation to crop harvesting. B20 is a robust and durable hook lift, built to be used. This model can be compatible with truck style containers.Through its modular and flexible construction, the trailer can quickly be adapted to the needs of its customer. It is easy to retrofit various accessories which makes the exchange of parts simpler and less expensive throughout the life cycle of the trailer.

The trailer is already in standard fully equipped with hydraulic container lock as well as a new and more powerful automatic tip/hooking lock. Electric control valve is part of the standard equipment.

BIGAB B20 is 15% faster in the operational cycle. This has been achieved through a new geometry that provides maintained performance with lower oil consumption.

BIGAB B20 handles containers in lengths of 5.0-6.5 meters and has a tipping angle of up to 55-58 degrees, depending onwhether  you equip the hooklift with a hydraulic suspended drawbar or not.

The BIGAB B20 has a completely new list of accessories, developed specifically for the new series: 

Included in standard
New bogie block: The BIGAB B20 has been fitted with a further developed bogie block that is activated over the rear axle and locks the movements of the hook lift when hooking. Together with the standard-fitted weight transfer cylinder that is attached to the tractor’s top link bracket, the bogie block helps to prevent the tractor from lifting when hooking. Through this we get a very safe shifting manoeuvre throughout the process.

Included in standard
New lock between tip and hooking: The new Tip/hooking lock is activated by moving the tower to its rearmost position. The construction has become more powerful than before and also saves a hydraulic function through that the tower telescope
activates the lock.

Optional accessory

The hydraulic drawbar: The hydro active drawbar we’ve already mentioned, but besides increasing the tipping angle by 3 degrees, it also helps offer an entirely different comfort while driving the trailer. The tipping/hook exchange is now entirely mechanical. Putting the hook tower in the rear position engages the lock and you can begin the hook exchange. Allowing us to decrease hydraulic functions for tipping/hook exchange.

Technical data
Bogie type:
Mech. pendulum bogie
Wheel dimension in standard
560/60R - 22,5
Required tractor hydraulics: ¤1 brake outlet, 3 double action
Elstyrd manöverventil. 1 tryck + Fri retur. + 1 Dv uttag
Oil volume: Minimum available oil volume, with full system (L)
Chassis weight: Standard equipment (kg)
4 520
Chassis length (with drawbar) (mm) with standard drawbar
Width across the wheels (mm) with standard equipment*
Total weight (Kg)
Country dependent
Max load including container (Kg)
20 500
Suitable container length (mm)
5 000–6 500
Max load during container exchange (Kg)
Load on tow eye: Depending in the position of the container (Kg)
Max tipping capacity (Kg)
20 500
Max working pressure (MPa)
*Note! Dimensions might change depending of specific configuration
B20 - NEW!

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