Hectic days at work with new FARMA brochure!

If you do not already know, it's a wonderful brochure for FARMA forest trailers waiting in the corridors. This brochure is our effort to describe reality as it meets our users in the forest. Therefore, I have spent many days to travel around in between Sweden and meet FARMA owners who willingly put up with time and commitment so that we could shoot images to the new folders.


Many of the pictures have been taken in cooperation with Väsekranar with Conny Stigson at the forefront. This is mainly because I reside in Kristinehamn which is close to the dealer Väsekranar. A range of suitable trailers were selected in the neighborhood. Enough that one sees what one wants to see, but surerly we saw a FARMA trailer on nearly every farm we passed by. Several were the users we visited, but where the trailer was found to be ten years old even though it felt like it was yesterday they got it. The years go so fast. Pleasant visit was the result of these customer meetings.


The journey for the right photo caused me to broaden my horizons to even Östergötland (another part of Sweden). A moist gray November day, I visited Fredric Nilsson on Dagsbergs farm near Norrköping. Fredric owns a CT from 6.3 - 9 (bought in Häggbergs) which he kindly showed up for shooting.


Eventually, I received all the pictures needed. My trips have given me many pleasant meetings, and above all much more knowledge about most. I certainly got my photos from reality. THANK YOU to all nice customers of FARMA that took the time to meet and work with us. For us it is worth a lot!


Behind the pencil
Calle Åkesson (Sales representative FARMA/NIAB in Sweden/Norway)


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