Delivary of 22 - 27 with HIAB crane!

Do you remember the BIGAB 22 to 27 with HIAB crane, which rolled out of the factory in Saue about a week ago? The other day the magnificent trailer was delivered to its owner and we were at place for a little reportage.


SKOG OCH MARK (Forstry & Soil)


Sven Brant started his business forest in 1998. The business is located in and around Stockholm, Sweden. A few years later Åke Norrby became a collaboration partner with his company Arbustum.

Sven started with the engine manual forestry services and have over the years become expert in cutting in city close and therefore sensitive areas and lots. They also perform ground works with hired excavator.

The machine park has grown over the years and today consists of two tractors, a chipper and so the most recent investment, the BIGAB 22-27 with HIAB crane with a variety of different bridges. The crane is equipped with grapple and grapple bucket to be used for timber, branches, tops, chips and soil etc. The firm have owned a BIGAB 15 - 19 but sensed that it in many situations lacked a crane. With this recent investment this has been taken care of.

In the picture we see Sven Brant along with Gunnar Anzen from Pontus Widen Machine in Västerås, who is the dealer.


/ / Göran Carlsson (Sales representative for BIGAB Sweden / Norway)

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