Yesterday, we had visitors from the Club BIGAB. It was a very nice day and was great to see so many happy BIGAB users and to hear about their positive experiences with the BIGAB hook lift trailers. We made a factory tour where visitors got to see how we really make the machinery from the beginning to the finished product. After a good lunch we spent two hours watching demonstrations of BIGAB and FARMA in operation. First, we showed the demos of BIGAB 10-14 G1 and G2 BIGAB 10-14 with a full load in different modes. We also had the opportunity to show our fine HSS container with unique design, high strength and low weight, what is especially developed for BIGAB. Demo was then followed with a practical demonstration of BIGAB 17-20 with the new 8-meter-long Z crane. And of course BIGAB BT-8 dump trailer wasn't missing in the list neither.
There was a great interest about our FARMA T12 generation 2 trailer with a C 7.0 crane mounted on it. On the display was also a cutting head BC18 on FARMA T9 4WD. Especially T9 4WD has been a big hit on the market and we have sold it to so many new and old FARMA owners. 
In addition to these demonstrations, there was a great interest in our other machinery that will go out this week. All together, we had up to 15 different products to show to our visitors that were ready for delivery.
It was very nice to hear the nice comments about our products and factory. We are pleased that visitors were happy with the warm Estonian welcome and hot mulled wine in the cool winter weather.
The trip ended with a little sightseeing tour of Tallinn. We would like to thank all for coming and in the future we hope to do more these kinds of visits.
We love happy customers!
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