Skogsverktöy AS, Brumunddal, Norway

Given that Fors MW hired two guys who will take over from myself (Carl Erik Åkesson) and Göran Carlsson this summer after long and faithful service, we now travel land and kingdoms around to introduce these guys to our dealers. Since Anders Svensson will be responsible for the Norwegian sales, we took a trip over there to visit.

We were as usual generously greeted by Skogsverktöys representatives with Johannes Nybacken in charge. After the presentation of Anders, our new contact for them after mid - year, we had a few hours of meeting where Skogsverktöy gave their as always valuable opinions on how our relationship can become even better. It is important for us to get everyone´s feedback as it is only though it that we can evolve and get better. At the same time when taking a common look in the rearview mirror we all agree that we have developed in a fantastic way together over the years.

Skogsverktöy also showed us their latest venture, a space with room for around 20 lumber trailers where customers can enjoy the products in peace and quiet without being disturbed by snow or cold. We are impressed and congratulate them to their effort!

Anders Svensson and Calle Åkesson
Sales representatives Farma Norden / Fors MW

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