We drive what we sell!

Here at Fors MW have that philosophy that you should be able to drive and use what you sell. Therefore we have during the following months given one of our new sales guys, Anders Svensson in Sweden the opportunity to use a FARMA Generation 2, model CT 7,0 - 10 G2, at this farm in northern Sweden.


After only a few days of work we received these nice pictures from a snowy Bjuråker. Anders comments after only a few days of using the trailer is that it is a real delight to work with, but that you all already know, he writes with a smile. It is steady and the frame steering works perfectly. It is easy to load and the visibility is perfect.

The crane is fantastic. I love the geometry and the power of it. There are not enough words to describe this crane. The C 7,0 FARMA crane is a market leader today. We sell loads of it and yes, we do understand why!


Read more about CT 7,0 - 10 G2 at;,0-10-g2.php


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