Report from China

Here at Fors MW we travel several times a year to our office in China. Once in place in Shanghai we use the opportunity to travel this huge country. We literally travel back and forth to look for suppliers for our products.


Something that strikes us in our travels is that virtually all is made in China today. Everything is available and the brands from back home that states that they produce trailers based on providers locally possible buy most of their parts quite expansive from a nearby provider but in which, in turn, imports directly from China.


Here at Fors MW, we are proud of our three market-leading products and we have for example never hidden that we produce and assembly our products in Estonia and why should we? Here is an engineering tradition that goes at least as far back as the Swedish.


Nor have we avoided talking about the parts that we purchase from China, our trips, or our office in the country for that matter, and why should we? It is good products at place but you need to know which contracts to sign, you need to have experienced people at place that has dealt with the people and culture before and you do need to have regular checks of the quality. Did you know for example that Fors MW has one person at place whose only task is to travel around to our suppliers for quality control?


However, there is a big difference between us and other competitors. We deal direct with the factory in China and do pay accordingly, while others purchase from subcontractors (though imported from China) but with mark -ups that the customer ultimately pays for through expansive products.


Recently one of our purchasers, Svante Högnert, visited China and went for a tour. He also had the opportunity to visit some really interesting exhibitions focused more on the products we produce. Along with him on the tour was Norris Xiao responsible on-site in China for the team handling the day to day operations.


It was a pleasant trip, but as always you will find everything from suppliers that you must do business with to the contrary. It is ultimately about finding good quality products at reasonable prices. Buying the cheapest on the market has never paid off and has never been the goal for us here at Fors MW. If the quality is not complied with, we always produce the part ourselves at place in Estonia. That is quality that You can trust!




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