FARMA – The widest range on the market!

FARMA - The widest range on the market!
Here you will find the most affordable quality range of accessories for your crane. We offer everything from grapples, grapple buckets, insert buckets, brush grapples to the energy cutter BC 18. All at an unbeatable price and quality.

Several of our cranes can easily be mounted on a three-point frame for use directly on your tractor.

If this is not enough to extend your trailer. Allow us to present our extension posts or why not branch and top posts for a wider trailer when transporting branches and tops where the bulk density allows far greater volumes per load.


FARMA trailer models are available in sizes from our lumber trailer at 6 tonnes for small-scale forestry work up to our professional fowarder trailer of 16 tonnes.


FARMA crane models are available in sizes from C 3.8 up to our largest crane model C 8.5.


Your FARMA lumber trailer can easily be extended depending on the model. We offer a complete range to supplement your trailer with an intermediate bank, extension bank up to the top-of-the-line model T 16 4WD, which is equipped with a hydraulically offset bogie.


FARMA has been active on the market for more than 20 years. Without doubt it is Europe's best selling lumber trailer. For more information about FARMA, download our brochure here;,3-9.php 

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