Christmas Joy!

Yet another year has passed. In a hurry again - it seems. It's dark outside so we light the candles to keep our souls warm and take a moment or two to ourselves. At Christmas time our hearts reach out to friends and to those in need.

Christmas is also a perfect time to enjoy every given moment. Maybe even say a few kind words to someone. These words that too often get tangled up in our mouths. For some reason we are so afraid to show emotion - we , people of the North. Christmas sets us free for a brief moment. It is the one season of the year when we can lay aside all gnawing worry, indulge in sentiment without censure, assume the carefree faith of childhood, and just have plain "have fun" .

When it comes to business, Christmas is a funny mixture of summing up and making new plans, of reflections and dreams , of what's old and what's new. A way to tie our past to our future, creating a continuous flow of events in the never-ending chain of time.
We got together last night at the Fors MW Christmas party in order to do all that - to say thank you, to look ahead and to rejoice...

And its only appropriate to end this entry with a little Christmas wish from all of Us to You:
„May You have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;

The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love."
/Ada V. Hendricks/

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