Another year has passed !

Once again it is time to look back on a year that has passed. 2013 has been a year full with hard work and great challenges. At the same time, there has been a year where the results were arriving much thanks to hard work. We have invested time and resources to boost up our production but also our product range.


FARMA Generation 2 was presented in its entire product range at ELMIA WOOD this summer and the reception has been amazing on this proprietary trailer. When we look back, we can happily say that the trailers have sold above expectations. Over five T 16 4 WD are now working professionally in the woods around Europe. A very impressive figure since the launch this summer.


Our patented BIGAB Generation 2 which has been on sale since May has been received with tremendous response. That this is the trailer that the market has been waiting for are no longer any doubt. That the interest also has been so great for the larger models of BIGAB during the year pleases even more.

NIAB is our fantastic forest processor that unfortunately sometimes gets too little attention. Many are the owners who would never consider themselves to take care of their forests without a NIAB. Next year it is time to once again take the product under our wings. We will be back to the subject later on.


This fall FARMA celebrated 20 years on the market. 20 years ago, not even a product. Today, a market leader. Tens of thousands of FARMA has over the years left the factory. Today, the trailers can be found working across the world. Thank you for the 20 years together! Now we look forward to 20 more!


2013 has been a challenging year. It should neither we or others deny. However, it has also been one exciting year. For it is as such with challenges. If there is not challenge, the focus towards the future drops. After spending this week taking part of several market meetings with both some European countries as well as Fors MW International, I can happily say that the future really is at focus here at Fors MW. Many are the fun events taking part next year. We can absolutely guarantee a year to remember 2014.


Now the blog and news update on the website takes some time off. We are back on January 13. Until then, we'd like to wish all of you ;


A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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