A year has passed!

Imagine how quickly a year can pass by. It feels like yesterday I was writing the first blog of the year renaming it "2011 - The ultimate challenge". 160 blogs have become over the year, a fantastic number, with and even more interesting content. In Fors MW, we believe in open rather than closed doors. Our openness in the blog is clear proof of that.


Fors MW is investing heavenly in marketing in everything from our ads, which are contained in nine countries in seven languages in 49 magazines continuously throughout the year, to our participation in trade shows all over Europe. Our dealers each year carry out numbers of demonstration days and participating in the regional fairs, while Fors MW took responsibility for the major events in countries such as Spain, France (SIMA), Finland, England and Sweden. Under the slogan "The future is here!" we proudly showed our most news-packed stand ever at SkogsElmia in Jönköping, Sweden. Never before in my Fors MW career have I been as proud as at that moment!


Our website is currently our most important marketing tool, available in seven languages in its entirety and will soon be updated to nine languages, in which we choose to add the Norwegian and Brazilian languages. The website has lead to several new dealers from parts of the world that to us previously has been undiscovered corners. Many are the old dealers who visited us for information and training during the year. This year´s main event was the dealer trip from Sweden, where around 70 dealers from across Sweden were flown over for education, presentation of news and a tour of the factory. An important and meaningful time that together with all the visits we´ve had over the year, are something that we remember with joy!


Several new dealers have strengthened up the Fors MW team and everyone, old or new, are worthy of mentioning but the list would be too long. The huge introduction that Helms in Denmark conducted for BIGAB after years of declining sales is well worth a special recognition and so are our Irish dealers Dave Power Plant which against all odds, took on sales of forest trailers and succeeded beyond expectations. The fact that our Norwegian, Finnish and German dealers have ensured that the sales of lumber trailers has broken all previous records are of course worth its special mentioning!


Sales during the year were really good. 2011, FARMA sales surpassed all previous records, both in complete sets as well as loose cranes, the energy cutters under the name BC 18 (introduced 2011) beats all expectations as are the sales of our grapple series. The new dump trailer that was introduced on the market has started well in its sales, BIGAB hook lift systems retain their good level while the BIGAB crane Z 6,6 has become something of a bestseller. This has been a year where old workhorses in our product range strengthened their position and newcomers in some cases proved that old are not always best!


During the year we strengthened our aftermarket team with its headquarters in Norrköping, Sweden with three people. This will speed up the delivery of spare parts, improve the internal administration and provide reinforcement for support and reclamations handling. In Estonia, we have dogged, casted, built and mounted in several parts of the factory all to get the 27 m long laser at place, the 300 kg heavy press with capacity of 3000 tons, the completion of the container workshop, the new two component coating system that has contributed to one of the best paint jobs on the market just to mention some.


2011 Fors MW changed management when Leif Fors, founder of Fors MW, after years of being CEO decided it was time to leave the daily responsibilities to the Vice President Peter Kastberg. Peter Kastberg in his role as CEO will follow in the spirits of Fors MW and continue the successful path of the business idea. The Boards appointed Leif Fors to the role of executive chairman. Leif is also ultimately responsible for the company´s product development and thus daily on location at the factory.


Finally, one can look back and agree that 2011 probably was a year full of challenges some tougher than others, some as yet only in the initial stage while others are in place and functioning properly. We know that a lot is waiting around the corner. 2012 will be the year of surprise, a year of even more exciting challenges but also a year where we continue to work on strengthen the role as the responsible market leader!




2012 Fors MW celebrates 20 years on the market! We promise a year that you will not forget and from our side we simply say - let the party begin!


We at Fors MW in Estonia, Sweden, Germany, England and China would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
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