A Christmas gift

To give is always more fulfilling then to receive is a something that most people can give state to. How many times have we not been amazed how the smallest gift can give the biggest smile on someone's face and in return make the day for the giver.

Over the years Fors MW have been contributing to Estonian projects in different regions. The projects have been ranging from supporting the young football team in Saue with clothes for the matches to supporting a shelter for homeless dogs and as some of you might remember last year we donated a substantial amount to the orphanage in Sillamäe close to the Russian boarder.

This year is no different. As last year the staff of Fors MW has resigned their own Christmas gifts in order to help others. The homeless of Tallinn are the ones who receive this year's substantial donation. A non-governmental organization that for 10 years has been organizing roof for the homeless at night through two shelters and a place to be during the daytime in a daycare centre.

At a visit to the day care centre we were met with the warmest smiles and the biggest appreciation for our donation. The Fors MW donation will be able to put food on the table for the homeless who visits the day care centre or the homeless shelters for nearly 2 months and warm socks on their feet. As the lady in charge informed us, without your gift the money for food would have ended by the end of December.

Tallinn suffers nearly every winter from a terrible cold and loads of snow. It was nice to see the dedicated staff even though small to the numbers trying their best to give to those who suffer harder than others. The lady in charge told us "some years ago we received several donations in a year and quite large ones but in tough times we see less and less of them".
You can read more about the organization helping the homeless on Feel the urge to help? There is us full information on the website that can assist or contact us and we will assist.

Photos: Out of respect for the people visiting the day care centre the photos we took where few. The one we show is the storage room for clothes.

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