Christmas party at FORS MW !

Today it was time for the annual Christmas Lunch, which has become something of a tradition in that we have it in our own halls which were adorned with an incredibly nice Christmas tree that comes from our own yard. It had stood in the shadows of one of the halls, overlooked in all these years and has grown into to a really splendid specimen.


Large parts of the staff were at place to first get some informative nutrition from Vice President Peter Kastberg which summarized the year that soon has passed. Peter's speech was translated into Russian in order to get all of the staff involved. We thank Anna and Sulev for good translation!


It's been an eventful year with much good news as well as a number of difficult ones. We took time to remember staff who have left us and the staff whose families have suffered heavy losses this fall. The staff also meet the children at Hope orphanage in Sillamäe through a slide show. It was clear that staff appreciated estimated that they all participated and contributed to a better future for children through our donation. The festive activities ended with a nice lunch with colleagues.

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