Christmas letter!

Dear friends!


The past year coming to an end has been a tough year for most people. There has been a year full of black headlines, but during the last months of autumn, something happened. Small glimmers of a turnaround seemed to catch a glimpse on the horizon and the last few months confirmed what we suspected. We at Fors MW are happy and humbled to be able to end the year with a full order stock.


Even more, we are pleased that our new FARMA Generation 2 series are received so well by the market. Over the past year, we have presented three new crane models with linkage and a new grapple series of three grapples in Welldox 700, which is a high strength structural steel, for best quality. To be able to bring them on to the market at a good price level is of course something that makes us even more proud.


FARMA Generation 2 is only in its beginning. During the year that follows, a number of interesting projects will be presented. Everything from FARMA accessories, necessary in today's forestry and agricultural life as well as further development of the brand into new areas. FARMA is today the market's best selling lumber trailer, a position we intend to keep and to do so we work hard on further developments.

BIGAB is Europe's best selling hook lift trailer and one of the industry's strongest brand names. When a product fills the criteria's such as strong, steady and smooth. Where praise heads around a simple, neat and clean design. Where the motto is that only your imagination sets the limits, yes, then it is easy to be complacent, but our recent focus on the designer side shows that we are serious about further developments including BIGAB. During the year ahead will a series of projects be up on the drawing board and most will be able to enter the market in the year to come.

Fors MW's latest investment will come good at hand in the form of the adjacent building that was purchased in the autumn of a size of 1500 square meters under roof. The Fors MW design and development department will move here in January. Together with our designers are also a number of people from production to shift to these development premises to form a team whose sole job is to think of the future!


2009 has been a year of investment for Fors MW. During the year there has been a lot of time and resources spent on developing our products but also in our production and personal areas. Which way is better than to finish the last blog of the year to present a selection of what has been done over the last year.


Product development

  • A new crane and grapple series under the name FARMA Generation 2.
  • An substantial amount of FARMA G 2 news in pipeline to be released during the first months of 2010.
  • Optional extras for BIGAB, such as for example aluminum fenders and more news to come.

Product -/personal investments

  • Purchasing the building for the new design and development department of 1500 square meters.
  • The construction and completion of the new machine hall of 1200 square.
  • Purchase and installation of a new shoot blaster capable of blasting complete BIGAB chassis in one.
  • Preparation of machinery and room for container production. The containers will be manufactured without ribs but with robotic welding. Moreover, we will be able to offer round bended bottom. (In process second quarter of 2010).
  • Purchase of the welding robot to be installed in January 2010.
  • Installation of previously purchased CNC lathes of different models, plasma, union etc.
  • New changing rooms for staff.
  • New ventilation and lighting in production.



  • New website on swedish-/english. Soon also in German and French.
  • New BIGAB folder
  • New FARMA folder (in February)
  • ELMIA Wood exhibition/SIMA (Paris)


Let me end by saying that our history makes us humble about the future. We know that anything can happen; we know that one is never better than the recent development, or the last customer contact. We are a company that believes in transparency instead of closed doors. Please follow our continued journey through our blog.

Blog and news on the website is now closed for Christmas and will be back on the 7 / 1 - 2010.


Fors MW would like to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


By Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
Market / Information manager
Chairman AS FORS MW

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