Board meeting

The last board meeting for the year is over. The day began with a tour to inspect all new investment at place since the last Board meeting in October. It was a very satisfied board that took a long and thorough tour of the premises. It is evident that the factory is now fully beginning to come into its own. The factory is now functional in every sense and the latest addition in form of the house purchase contributes strongly to that. More investments were discussed as well as all the new product developments that are in the pipeline.


A lot of time was spent on the market development that actually is moving in the right direction! Fors MW has a good order stock in line with figures from 2007, which was a really good year for us. The Board also received information about the countries that go beyond our expectations and where sales exceed the previous year, countries such as Poland, Austria and also Germany has presented us with amazing sales numbers. In addition we informed about new markets that has emerged such as Bulgaria, Romania and Italy.


The Board would like to extend their thanks to the Fors MW staff for the nice spirit they have demonstrated in 2009 and for the good results the company's staff has created over the past year!


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