Fors MW presents - Alstor!

ALSTOR is a customer and colleague to us in the forest industry. The company was founded in 1997 in Dingle, Sweden. Since 1999, Lars Jansson has pushed the concept on to a fast-growing European market, but at the turn of the year the time has come to hand over to his son Kristian, but Lars declares that he will be visible on the development side.

Alstor 8 * 8 is a mechancial eight driven waist steering machine with a wide range of applications in everything from harvesting forest to pure transport, everything built upon an accessory system. Your needs may vary and can easily be changed for different tasks. Alstor has for many years used the Fors MW's crane FARMA C 3.5 and are very pleased with the crane features which combine beautifully with Alstors demands for flexibility and lightness.

This summer, Alstor attended one of England's largest agricultural trade shows and came away with first prize in the category "Best new machine". A good sign for Alstor on for them a newly opened market. We would like to congratulate Alstor to their success and to wish good luck in the future!

Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
Market / Information manager AS FORS MW


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