Back in Business!

So in the Northern Europe summer has largely passed for this year but what a summer it has been at least for us in Sweden. One summer we will long remember with lots of sun, heat and swimming. Now we look forward and hope of a nice autumn with high clear air and a clear blue sky.


Personally, I think that autumn is the best time of the year. Energy is back after a much needed vacation and creativity has had a chance to get around when it otherwise too often is too much to do in order to bring forth creativity.


Now we have re - started and the ideas that emerged during the summer will be converted into visible events, advertisements, website developments etc. You as a reader of our News and Blog have always a front row seat to what is going on. However do you know that there is not always the same information up on our homepage and our blog? Our view is that the blog is more of an informal place where we write about the everyday life of Fors MW and the news on the homepage is the place where we get more formal and official.


Join us for an autumn full of happenings - Let´s kick it!


Yours sincerely, Ulrica Fors Stenmarck 
Market / Information manager AS FORS MW


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