A busy autumn is looming

Now we are on the go here at Fors MW with a series of projects to be started, potential dealers in the European market to meet, trade fairs in Europe to be visited and much more. Here at our news blog, you will be able to follow the work and keep yourself constantly updated.

Product development / design

On ELMIA WOOD we introduced FARMA Generation 2. FARMA Generation 2 is an upgrade of both the product design activities as well as a further development of the brand.

Three new cranes, as well as three grapple models are now available in the Fors MW’s range. Price Value and worked through are words that best describe the new products. Common to the cranes is that they have a new arm system with linkage between the main boom and outer boom. The crane's design offers the very best of environment abilities, a more balanced approach and an outer boom that is evenly strong along the work area.

The first step in Generation 2 has been taken care of and now is the time for the next step. A next step which is already prepared with drawings to proposals for new products in the brand FARMA but also a lot of thoughts, ideas and drawings for BIGAB hooklift trailers. In September we take the second step with a grand meeting at Fors MW with a range of actors from different stakeholders. Ideas will be discussed and timetables fortified. Back with updates on the subject after the meeting.

Best regards Ulrica Fors Stenmarck
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