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Having worked for more than 3 years in the entrepreneurial spirit of this company I will revile one of the important cornerstones of building our company: Always look for lower cost! Fors MW has taken this idea as a guiding star in many areas and one of them is to make use of machines and equipment that has by far not reached the end of their lifecycle. One way of doing this is to find equipment at auctions that we can value at higher use in our business than another person would in another activity.


The key is to know "What is it worth to us and what should it cost?" Thanks to people in Fors MW being so well updated on this question we are able to make good deals. There are many places were these auctions take place today, live and on the internet. I went last week for one in Sweden where we knew some useful things could be reaching the market. We didn't get them all as it is as important to know when it is not worth it and the use for us is not the right above a certain price. However it is enabling us to invest more than we could if buying new equipment why it makes it so interesting to follow this. We will be out there scouting for more opportunities.


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