Impressi(-ve)on from China

Peter Kastberg (CEO of Fors MW) and our purchaser Svante Högnert visited China for a two week visit. They travelled to many places, meet many suppliers and saw a future that in some cases Europe just seems to be able to dream about at least for now.


Having time to reflect from our latest trip to China I wonder were this great country will be in 50 years? The investments in infrastructure are amazing but what comes in mind are the issues we have in Europe today, older infrastructure and the need for maintenance and upgrade and we can barely afford to keep the repairs and maintenance on a decent level here. How will it be in China when cost is up and all of these investments built during a very short time period of 10 years will simultaneously require an update well, I'm glad not to be the finance minister at that point in time but the trains, roads, stations, harbors, living areas that are made now are fantastic from a visitor view. Just having the determination to build such great high speed trains as we have been travelling on in around 300+ km/h is great. I hope the locomotive will keep up the steam power in all aspects!


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