How did BIGAB 7-10 end up in US?

We received interesting photos from our BIGAB 7-10 and FARMA C 6,0D’ s customer in California, United States. Sten-Erik Rolfõ has been working with cold stonewalls in Sweden and currently working with them in US. He wrote us about how and why did he bring his container and crane with himself to California:

„2007 our daughter moved to United States. We thought she would come back but she ended up marrying and had a baby.So 2013 my wife and I decided to follow her to the United States.

Before that I had, for many years, been working with cold stonewalls in Sweden. I had had help of FARMA with the radio steered craine and BIGAB trailer with the articulation ( frame steering ) .When we moved to California I realized that I wanted my equipment over here so we loaded the tractor on a roro ship from Sweden and the crain and the trailer in a container. All the equipment is here now and I am making stonewalls again.

My goal is to enrichen the country side outside Fallbrook and in San Diego county with my stonewalls.“


Thank you very much for sharing these photos and the story with us. It makes us very happy to see that our products are so loyal and good, that customers drag them to another mainland!

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