Board meeting!

Yesterday, we had one of our four annual meetings. It was the first of the year and since it was quite many months ago since the last meeting there were a lot to discuss. In fact, there is a lot going on both in terms of investment as in developments all to increase productivity even further along with efficiency, but also to increase the number of markets and hence sales.

However, it was a very pleased board that listened to the President Mr. Peter Kastbergs presentation. The investments are in line with needs. Last year's introduced bonus system with focus on production has contributed to increase efficiency and the accountability for the finish and the quality of the product that leaves the factory.
Sales are going incredibly well and 2011 was in retrospect our best year in terms of sales! Never before have we sold regularly to so many countries. Never before have we sold so well to so many European countries. Never before have we delivered so many products outside the boarders of the European Union. Never before has reclamations been so few. Never before has our website been visited by so many.

We have always been okay here at Fors MW. Even in the toughest of times, we have always fared better than others but one thing is for sure - never before has it been this good!


Photo: Ulrica Fors Stenmarck, member of the board of AS FORS MW, could not participate at place in Estonia but got connected through Skype and by doing so, cost free and simple.

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